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VERSACON INTERNATIONAL offers a variety of services to our clients in need of close protection. Much more than the common and ineffective “bodyguards” with which you may be familiar, our specially trained agents provide a team approach to total personal protection of you, your loved ones, or your staff members when threats are encountered, or when traveling to inherently dangerous locations world-wide.

Our initial services before accepting an assignment include:

  • A detailed client intake interview to discuss the nature and level of risks.

  • A professional threat assessment.
  • Development of a comprehensive security plan to mitigate identified risks and threats.
  • Assessment of resources needed to protect the client with a detailed estimate of costs.

Once an assignment is accepted, we will:

  • Perform advanced reconnaissance for all locations to be visited.
  • Assess the security of planned accommodations.
  • Arrange secure transportation using specially trained vehicle operators.
  • Provide for secure routes of travel for all client movements.
  • Ensure the availability of support services such as medical response and evacuation.
  • Place necessary support services such as police, private aircraft, or other services on standby.
  • Interact with law enforcement on the client’ behalf when dealing with an identified threat.

​During an assignment we will:

  • Provide vigilant protection for all individuals under our care.
  • Provide ongoing security advice based on our professional judgment and experience.
  • Maintain the highest standards of personal appearance and decorum.
  • Ensure regular updates on client status are provided to their home office or family if desired.
  • Perform courtesy services for our clients which do not interfere with the protective function.
  • Accommodate changes in schedules and travel plans to the best of our ability.

​After the assignment we will:

  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding anything heard or seen while serving our clients.
  • Solicit input on client satisfaction with our services.
  • Provide a detailed final accounting of all outstanding balances and overpayments.
  • Offer suggestions for improvements to the client’s security measures.

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